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Cosmic 'Jekyll and Hyde' discovered as NASA spots rare double star system | See record-high temperatures strip Antarctica of huge amounts of ice | Hubble telescope test inspires changes to combat gender bias in some NASA programs


Cosmic 'Jekyll and Hyde' discovered as NASA spots rare double star system
Fox News
Feb 24, 2020 14:17 UTC. Read More

See record-high temperatures strip Antarctica of huge amounts of ice
Feb 24, 2020 12:57 UTC. Read More

Hubble telescope test inspires changes to combat gender bias in some NASA programs
Feb 24, 2020 12:07 UTC. Read More

NASA officials 'baffled' after space cameras catch UFO following ISS for over 20 minutes
Feb 24, 2020 12:04 UTC. Read More

'Starter' Earth grew in a flash. Here's how the planet did it.
Feb 24, 2020 11:59 UTC. Read More

Vegetarian fish is described by scientists as 'the new white meat' that could help feed the world
Daily Mail
Feb 24, 2020 11:50 UTC. Read More

NASA Alert: Airburst-Causing Asteroid Currently Headed For Earth
International Business Times
Feb 24, 2020 01:58 UTC. Read More

NASA launches $15,000 competition for innovative thinkers, developers
KPRC Click2Houston
Feb 24, 2020 00:59 UTC. Read More

Dream Job? NASA Is Hiring New Astronauts For Moon Mission
Feb 23, 2020 23:14 UTC. Read More

Iron Isotopes Show That Planet Earth Formed Much Faster Than Scientists Thought
Feb 23, 2020 23:11 UTC. Read More

Here's your chance to design equipment for NASA's proposed Venus rover and win $15,000
Feb 23, 2020 21:38 UTC. Read More

Starwatch: Moon and Venus well met by earthshine
The Guardian
Feb 23, 2020 21:29 UTC. Read More

Wandering Earth: rocket scientist explains how we could move our planet
Feb 23, 2020 19:44 UTC. Read More

Here's NASA's new idea to get its stubborn Martian drill to work
Feb 23, 2020 19:24 UTC. Read More

This is the monkeyface prickleback fish – and it could save the planet
Feb 23, 2020 18:48 UTC. Read More

Angry? Happy? Excited? How Facial Expressions Don't Always Reveal True Emotions
Feb 23, 2020 13:33 UTC. Read More

A Star's Auroras Light the Way to a New Exoplanet
Feb 23, 2020 12:59 UTC. Read More

Climate change is drying up the Colorado River
Ars Technica
Feb 23, 2020 12:59 UTC. Read More

Scientists Discover Why Whales Migrate – They Return to the Tropics to Shed Their Skin
Feb 23, 2020 12:54 UTC. Read More

Breathable Oxygen Discovered In Other Galaxy For The First Time
Feb 23, 2020 12:02 UTC. Read More

SpaceX's next military launch cleared for historic rocket landing attempt
Feb 23, 2020 11:55 UTC. Read More

Heat wave melts 20% of snow cover from Antarctic island in days
Feb 23, 2020 05:41 UTC. Read More

Dramatic Melting of Antarctica Under Record Heat Caught by Shocking NASA Satellite Images
Feb 23, 2020 05:24 UTC. Read More

Methane Emitted by Humans Vastly Underestimated – Powerful Greenhouse Gas Is Large Contributor to Global Warming
Feb 23, 2020 04:51 UTC. Read More

NASA Images Show Antarctica’s Eagle Island Almost Ice-Free
Feb 23, 2020 02:58 UTC. Read More

SpaceX Aims to Launch Private Citizens into Super High Orbit
VOA Learning English
Feb 22, 2020 22:51 UTC. Read More

Meet Gonggong, the first major body in the solar system with a Chinese name
Feb 22, 2020 22:02 UTC. Read More

Astronomers are watching an exoplanet die right before their eyes
Feb 22, 2020 20:07 UTC. Read More

This bird has been frozen for 46,000 years, and scientists just found it
Feb 22, 2020 20:07 UTC. Read More

10 Amazing Facts About Polar Bears
Yahoo News
Feb 22, 2020 19:59 UTC. Read More

Turns out Jupiter has far more water in its atmosphere than we thought
Digital Trends
Feb 22, 2020 17:00 UTC. Read More

NASA Is Designing a Venus Rover Concept and Wants Your Help
Feb 22, 2020 16:57 UTC. Read More

China wants to build a new space station. A planned launch in April will set the stage.
Feb 22, 2020 12:27 UTC. Read More

Surprise! There's more water on Jupiter than anyone thought
Feb 22, 2020 12:23 UTC. Read More

NASA is recruiting astronauts. And there are two basic requirements to apply
Feb 22, 2020 10:32 UTC. Read More

Exclusive: Scientist captures rare footage of killer whales playing in Antarctica
Feb 22, 2020 06:11 UTC. Read More

Study says smartphone addiction has physical impact on brain
Feb 22, 2020 04:24 UTC. Read More

Researchers Analyze Nasty Species of Bacteria That Has Colonized Space Station’s Water Dispenser
Feb 22, 2020 01:13 UTC. Read More

This Strange Binary Star Is Acting Out of Character, And It's Not The Only One
Feb 22, 2020 00:48 UTC. Read More

MIT scientists create doomsday AI that will take over if it detects an asteroid heading toward Earth
Daily Mail
Feb 22, 2020 00:42 UTC. Read More

NASA satellite captures Antarctica melting during heat wave
Feb 22, 2020 00:15 UTC. Read More

Ancient pack rat nests could offer snapshots of Earth's past
Feb 22, 2020 00:12 UTC. Read More

Betelgeuse has dimmed suddenly, perplexing scientists
Feb 21, 2020 23:35 UTC. Read More

Brain cells protect muscles from wasting away
Feb 21, 2020 23:05 UTC. Read More

Scientists discover BREATHABLE OXYGEN in a galaxy outside of the Milky Way for the first time the only problem is it's 581 million light years away
Feb 21, 2020 23:00 UTC. Read More


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